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Déjà vu: APC Resurrecting the Civil Defense Forces thumbnail

Déjà vu

The E and the A in the spell of Déjà vu look like eyes with eye brows.

Everyone has at least once in his/her life felt a Déjà vu.

I believe they are not messages or anything serious at all. The subconscious mind of any person keeps preparing our mind for various situations of life in the background like :

When I will make my 1st million I will buy a sports car and this gets registered or

If I go out on a date with her I will take her to a particular restaurant or

When someone special to us would die I would be broken and lost.

These circumstances and the solution to behave in those moments is also created by our subconscious and stored somewhere on the back side to use in case of emergency.

Hence sometimes we feel this has already happened to me…. Or we dream a dream and when that really happens we think we saw the futures glimpse in our dreams.


The mind plays trick on our eyes

Dungeons of my thoughts spring back to life

I know I have seen this makes sense in such times


Life seems like a recorded tape

Wanting to know why we had seen this before

Was it a message for good or for bad times to perform?


A mark is left on the surface

Answers we looking for now to find past perfect the present

No it was just an idea stored nothing to do with what’s already seen.