Dream Catcher

Posted: August 8, 2015 in beloved, helpless, Romance

Once an idle
Thinking he did
Saw an angle
Idiot he fumbled

Caught she did
God’s do wonder
Magic she breaths
Man he humbled

Dreams they made
Fairytales be said
This now remains
Catcher I be claimed

Half a handshake…

Posted: May 18, 2015 in loved ones, Romance

Mistakes we have done
Unfortunate actions seen
Words spewed and burned

Death is still better
No more you see them
Half a handshake shatters

Grin is easier still
Frown would be preferred
Half a handshake shatters

Single guy travelling

Posted: March 27, 2015 in thoughts, universe, warriror

Almost always i am asked why do you travel alone or how can you just travel alone???
I can and so i do…
Being a guy and travelling alone mostly categorises you as a loner or relationship issues, well i have travelled alone in all phases of my life…
Its my meditation time, i barely communicate with people, not beyond asking for price, food, booze or stuff i would need to get me by, kind of selective vipasana 🙂
I find it very relaxing and gets me in touch with my inner voice.
I try and combine a adventure with my travel helps me stay focus in the concept of being alone being unknown, one without an identity.
Makes me meet interesting people from psychologists to people seeking help ;-).

Also they say one must lose ones identity to be free of any ideas or concepts… Well travelling alone gives me that chance, i an unknown identity to the people who see me on my travels and even meet and greet, You have to reveal nothing personal yet you make friends just over a smile across the bar or hall or coffee shop etc… Thats being truly unknown yet finding like minded people… Some magic it appears to be at times.


Posted: March 21, 2015 in beloved, deep notions, Romance

Some dreams i will dream
Some you will find me in
However i will feel you in my Heart

Ever that i will feel
Ever that you have felt
Somewhere i will always Breath

And ever
Nothing will change.
Yet it makes me sense a Forever…


Posted: February 24, 2015 in insane, Romance

In these toxicities
In this hyperneess
Im these downers
Cause i still deam

In them hallucinators
In these make-believes
Im this projection
Cause i still believe

In these ragings
In these doubts
Im the love
Cause i still dream…

Prayers on the wind…

Posted: February 7, 2015 in Romance

Upnorth in India you find the prayer flags atop mountains… Well she speaks like them to my ears…


I set out to find my voice
In silence i argued with me
Relentless sounds echoed…

Then she spoke

Utter me a word and she giggled
Foolish me aloud and she assured
Blessed day that i turned around…

She spoke…

Words i dint hear just chants to my prayers
Giggles and chimes wishful making my world

She spoke…

Like prayers on a wind.

Fourteen butterflies…

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

2014 the most wonderfully happiest days of my life, offcourse i write every year about the year that was but it always starts and ends with my birthday in October (maybe you missed wishing me on FB).
I got a call on my birthday just past the hour of my actual birth time and sweet butterflies took flight, the year that was started with me and my daughter in kamshet, post that met someone who opened me up, sealed me tight back and printed happiness forever, tagged me and sent me off.
So the whole year revolved round this beautiful country of mine India and a short visit finally across the great oceans. Yes i was to see india completely before i go west but trust me the sunrises and sunsets i have seen in 2014 were never even dreamt by me, entire concept of happiness took a whole new defination.
I saw Mahadev just a few hundred feet away… In a small craft Yes… With butterflies in flight right next to me.
Sunrise over golden clouds and moonlight lit shimmering ocean…
Conversations on a small island of sand on the ganges almost on the other side of the world…
Even my own god befriended these butterflies in flight…
Surprisingly i lived through…
Nothing more seems worth mentioning in this year…
But one of the only things i ever said would like to do, and have started a Bar in the city i fell in love with as a teenager… POONA. Makes me think fuck the guy above, if i have been true the butterflies one day will fly again.

You said…

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Romance

I read holdme forevermore

I read kiss as if it’s the first time

I read make a fairytale life together

I read forever and ever…

Cause you said It all makes sense now.