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stars in the night a star light

he drew starring up to the sky
only he knew what he could see
millions of stars
like dots on a polka dress

his night wasn’t dark
like the one he saw later
now he was one with his craft
like a child with his naive heart

made a lonely sky look as a crowded bay
some shining some dim some as firefly’s
swimming in the dark blue night
his thoughts and happy tones painted yellow
sitting on a thrones royal blue robe

van gogh wasn’t a painter
he was more a dreamer
cause he saw a night with stars
and a star light
moon shone on him with a hue and a smile

he was painting a starry sky
for he had loved her once on a night
when the blues mixed with star dust
and kisses mixed with the moonlight
all the stars and their light was their abode

moon shone on him like a lovers smile
for he had seen his star and her starlight
he painted a starry night as her tribute
we love u van gogh you created a world
with a night and stars which has no dawn
spinning over centuries in every lovers mind.

starry starry night don maclean


Posted: September 6, 2010 in insane, random, universe
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we always start with somethings
end with something
and what ever goes on in between is also something

sometime we living in sometimes
and then remember these things in that sometime

past future and present
all will be always something sometime

what we hold these somethings for those sometimes
will be cherished by them after long after somethings

your scent or your somethings
will bring memories cause somethings are somethings
all four corners of this world have somethings

understand here or forever remain a something
not like when said Your something.

i hate being helpless
i hate being not in control of destiny
i hate being not there
i hate being there too
i hate being an outsider
i hate being with them
i hate being helpless

its like the 1st time when i jumped into deep water
the ground below was missing and i was gasping for air
i stroked me hands and flapped me legs like a big fat fish
but i went sinking….. then i felt helpless

its like the 1st time when i went on a local train
i couldnt get in thru its gates
i was being pushed around
i was being stuffed with them
i was being held against a stranger
i was being helpless

its like something i dont wana feel
i fear being helpless
i fear being not in control
i wana hold and stop all that i am told

We always keep looking for more from our loved ones and most of us crib that our parents, partners, kids, BF’s, GF’s etc… don’t give us the love we need or the emotional balance between each other is not right … this is all cause we keep wanting more and more and expect a lot from all of the people who are a part of our lives and make ours and their lives painful and sad.

If we need this love from others we should Loose ourselves to them completely then we will belong to them blindly making the journey of life more in peace and love but never give up the ever search to Find new things in them and explore our loved ones beyond the visible part of our lives …spend time talking and exchanging thoughts or just a phone call in the middle of a working day and better still cook dinner before everyone gets home or buying parents a ticket to Nainital or something…. Sitting with kid playing horse back rides or making donkey noises….. just have fun when they don’t expect it you would be surprised too.

I see you…

Posted: August 11, 2010 in random

Let me fly wild as the wind
Spend my time drifting mindless
All things just like me shoe sole takes me
To that one place where theres nothing
Not even thoughts about happiness
Sitting atop a tree alone looking
Down at the wonders created by thee
Hoping to find what I am meant to be
Thinking all this time I am to be special
Just after I have seen what u have made around me
I know I am like all these people living endlessly
They find joy and reasons to laugh everyday even tho
Bread is hard to get and rest is not cheap
I am to be a part of this journey to make people around me
Happy and make it happen with my magic for now I see