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As seen by you

Posted: April 16, 2012 in beloved, family, loved ones, Romance, universe

Created is this world
Forms and shapes given and defined
madeup of imagination everything that we see

I fail to see
What ever sculpted there might be
But i see you and through you this world
You bring color and that defines me



Posted: November 12, 2011 in family, loved ones, universe

My wish come true
My heartbeats with joy
You have turned another year
Filling my life with wonderous pride

Sixth is this year for you
Many more years to go by
Blossom like a rose and smile
Your joy is my lifes duty and delight

Sweet little princess
My melodious song of life
Love you more as every day goes by
Thank you lord for gifting me such a beautiful child

Happy sixth birthday sweetie pie!!!

I need you…

Posted: August 18, 2011 in beloved, deep notions, loved ones, Romance

What we want is what we get
We just dont know what to do after that
Longing is different from what wants are.

Asking someone to change is strange
For you wouldnt be there if you dint like in the first place
Choice we always have but we still want more.

Please please me
Never wanting to be in back seat
Controll freak is what we have become.

Sorry but its about me
No you idiot others can have human errors
Perfect neither are you neither is any living being.

I pull this rleationship
It could also be true all can be just nice
Mirror is what we need for one has to see

I need to be heard
Sorry others have voices too
others also need to be loved you see

milky tale

Posted: July 4, 2011 in family, loved ones, morning glory
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Little smile little angel of mine

Brightens my day when she smiles

Daddy daddy she yells on every step of her life


Now that smile has a difference

Funny it looks at times but gorgeous it defines

Milky first one broke last night and she even did cry


Tooth fairy story and she wished

Took fake naps to see if she got her wish

Surprised at dusk to find her favorite sweet to match her sweet smile



Congratulations my little girl for being brave.

please read this listening to Cas Haley singing Walking on the moon


It’s the end of the night and sometimes beginning of a day

Saying  goodbye breaks my heart to pieces everytime you wave

I have walked miles to reach places but this walk back from your house

Is like a climb up to the loneliness of my life


Everytime we say goodbye makes me weaker

Stronger I am when with you

Feet make all the sound asking me run back

But I know one day I will have you till my lifes end

Dream of that makes me walk back from your house


Walking back, iam walking back from your house

How much pain

Sleep is bad too now for its filled dreams of times with you

Walking back I don’t want to do


Just a flight of stairs and I reach the end of world

I don’t want to go away

I wana stay but I have to go so I can come back

But I don’t wana be walking back from our house…..



Posted: June 13, 2011 in beloved, helpless, loved ones, Romance

Everytime I look at you a storms is about to brew

Emotions have to be chained down

A smile a pat on the shoulder

Makes my little world go round

Mistfull is my mind when you touch my hand

Courage is no longer my virtue

Heartbeats like a whale

Words so proud of just fail

The calm before a storm I foresee as light through the trees

Every word from you is wind to fire

Quakes my heart with thunders

Yet I don’t know how to say “ your spell is cast on me “


Posted: May 16, 2011 in beloved, loved ones
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Gumraaha iss taraha hai dil

Jaise taraonh ki roshni mein jugnu hota hai

Jee raha hu unn mukamil sapno ke lamho ko panne ki chahat mein

Koshish haar baar yeh dil karta hai ke palunga tumhe iss bin chand ki raat mein

Roshni chand ki apni nahi hoti jaise tumhe paana meri kismat mein nahi

Paake khona aur bhi mushkil hai kyu ki iss dil ko aabh patah hai khusi ki roshni rangeen hoti hai

Yeh mera sach hai yeh mera nasseb ka rukh hai ke aaj mein likh raha hu

Unn khusiyo bhari lamho ko yaad kaar aaj mein likh raha hu

Shores before she stood

Her smile that once made my day blissful

She still casts her spell and like a wolf I gaze at the moon

Lips smooth as honey dew drops

Sky’s in shades of pink like her face when I softly kiss it

Hair flutter like wings of butterfly and walks like angels in flight

Say something nice and she half coy smiles

Far away you can sense her for jasmine like is her style

Face that reminds me of god and eyes that plunder this slave heart

Years have passed between us

Stronger the bond has grown like goldfish in fish bowl

The warmth and love I still feel when we hold hands makes me wish

Why can’t time be as it is it….