Posted: September 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

In order to be at peace one needs to first acknowledge the chaos in our heads of thoughts and wishes and wants etc…

Once we accept that all of this is going on in our head or to say correctly in our brain and it’s conscious and sub-conscious parts do we really find firstly that… we are a little mad or to say we all have some elements of madness floating inbetween the conscious and sub-conscious…

Basically we are all mad and all that goes on in our head can possibly be termed madness…

Once we have accepted that madness can we truly attain peace…

In order to attain peace or the term nirvana we have to accept the madness or one could say Forget whats reality and whats not real….accept that everything is False.
Hence only what you do in that moment of your existence is the only truth,  rest is just madness 🙂


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