Two thousand in 13

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

The year started off big bang style as in my style with awesome scuba dives and beautiful Goa… where I met savio and pirko and their amazing kids and they Iiving the life I always want to end up with. They inspired me that my goal in life is on the right path just need to sort some shit out and go do it.
Awesome parties followed all through year which included Sula fest where I made some new friends while I lost some old, young energetic people who enriched me with a spirit to go out and explore and we took a fantastic trip in the cold mountains of Kullu which is so enchanted like a place where dreams come true.
Partying and merry Making all over mumbai as always but the romance with music and ambience combined settled at the little door and the owners are these beautiful people who made me a part of their vibrant and talented friends group which followed mostly with guitar playing after parties and funny witty evenings, its like I have found my spot at the water(ya right) drinking lake. This bunch is so talented… actors, RJ’s, lawyers, doctors, writers and business folks a mix of all yet a common spot where all collide.
Kamshet took a back seat as olaulim backyards in goa (savio/pirkos) took over my spirit with a magical backwaters lake where I met peacocks and otters sharing the lake space while birds like hornbills suncatchers flew over me… while a donkey on their property troubled me always by spilling my ashtray or drinking my Feni.

An old friend returned to mumbai and we reconnected so strong…that we wished we could turn back time….

I was looking to do something never done before this year but nothing excited me not even the ragging monsoon river in goa while rafting over its rapids… I wanted to challenge myself get myself out of my range of usual fears but I couldnt find nothing new.
I mean I met these kind, loving beautiful people everywhere I went, even the charity photography exhibit now called “click for cause” I sponsored amatuer clickers and we did have a good sale to contribute to the cause bit it dint excite me as a Person. Many people participated in the exhibit from engineering students to fashion designers and architects to shop owners.
Jaggu went sailing sometime in the later part of the year, jango and me did make some trips together but I wanted to break the monotone, I met lot of new people and connected tight and Magically.
And of one of those people I met new this year, gave me an opportunity to act in a short film to be submitted in her college assignment and might be displayed at festivals and guess what? Yours truly was a lead actor. Then it hit me this was not what I thought would be out of my zone things to do and yet I found myself doing it and I enjoyed everybit of it. To act is a very difficult task, bungee or white water rafting is easier I say.
It was a fantastic experience and I learned how to twist my mind into giving expressions.
Business as usual fuckups and upwards like how business should be for theres no fun in a smooth victory. Personally I am still fighting my demons as some part of my life still hangs out in the dark deep pain which I have been slowly but surely climbing out of.

My daughter’s growing taller by weeks but a kinder, softhearted beautiful person and shes becoming my grandMa always bossin over me and loving me beyond my heart’s capacity to hold, making me a better man each day. She and me spent the birthday weekend together with amitabh aka triptone, vartika and my lovely Jango…. with awesome time at Vikrams place which hes making into a garden of eden where one can explore the endless space of ones mind…

Life is Beautiful is what I learned last year as I went through some awesome fine quality shit life has to offer. This year I learned to use my skills in keeping myself free of anger and sadness for my fathers words “it can’t get any worse than this” brings me back to truth and lets me enjoy the true joys of life.
Deep dives, wine fests, rafting and kayaking, trekking kullu valley and numerous humorously super parties and doing a short film as lead actor… the bucket lists getting shorter and years are getting exciting adding up each day by day.
Thankful again I am to all those who befrended me and like osmosis filled my life with new ideas and joy.
On my birthday the Sun returned too the exact position in the sky as it was the day iwas born..This is called a Solar Return and I feel like I am born again….


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