Trick ur dream

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

when you are sad everyone around you seems so happy with their love life,

when you are happy you fear the sad times and wish they would never come.

as Hindu scripts go ” everything is an illusion” then nothing is for real, there is no sadness, theres no happiness, theres no love and theres no hate.

unfortunately everyones illusions are different and hence we get stuck up on people or on situations and blackout our part of lives wasting in pain.

pain is good cause its memories help us build better futures, the trick is to understand that this is all an illusion hence its more like a dream life, we have the control to change our dreams, the controls are our actions, but when someones been a part of your soul breaks away by death or by their choice it hurts and the dream engines fail and things go for a toss.

when the first time this failure of dreams happens we take a hell lot of time to come off it, later on as time teaches we get better but that doesnt mean it hurts, it hurts real bad (doesnt it).

when that happens Look at happy people and dream on of better times to come..cause remember we should learn from our past, this bad time/dream will pass through. No matter what anyone says or advices only you alone can find your peace.
Trick is to remember good times will come.


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