Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

When two lost souls meet its a storm in a fish bowl

Forces so strong that minds destroy all spades

Written have many but none ever could recreate


Days that spent together had visions of dew drops on mountain tops

Dissimilar to this world every second eyes met each other

She was I and I was her


Refute if you have to

But don’t ask me to be without you


It’s a strange time

Ugly era we born in

Hold on time will end for us to unite


Every memory has your strands

Unholy act god committed

If this world was not to be ours why did you let me dream

We thought it was ours  yet we had to depart


Days upon days I wonder

When shall the distances shrink?

Pain of this loss when shall it be healed

In rebirth if it’s guaranteed then take this breath away

I would give anything for that feeling to be recreated.


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