Light in the dark

Posted: June 27, 2012 in insane, thoughts


When someones mind starts to live in its fears that right there is the darkest hour for that person. Everyone is in genral able to survive cause we know how to control our fears but someone whose mind constantly reminds it of the verythings that causes fear then you have problem. Sanity and Not is just divided by a thin and fragile line upon which our fears reside. We bend and twist around this line everyday with ease. Fears are unique to each and everyone, loss of loved one, physical harm or death itself and then a few thousand materilstic fears survive in our heads. Yet we each day knowingly put ourselves at risk and under pressure. The dark has its own appeal and everyone survives having to not give into it. We choose to see the light no matter how faint or frail and live in our fears. To give into or to rid one of these fears has the same strength of outcome but opposite the values of normal human behaviours. Darkest fears are needeed for the light to be seen as light is seen better through the dark.

  1. Lexi Jiao Wu says:

    Thanks for posting and sharing…

    lovely tribe.

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