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Heart felt :-*

Posted: August 30, 2011 in beloved, Romance

Sweet things are all fake
Softest touch is unknown I say
High like none other ever tripped on
Baby thats me just starting havent forgotten a thing.

Embraces so warm my heartbeat stormed
Hand held soft godess I have found
Eyes gently shut divinity profound
Baby thats how you feel havent forgotten a thing.

Breaths touch like clouds in heaven
Sizzle our souls when lips met each other
Not two but one we felt as body and soul joined in fate
Baby lets recreate that time once again for I need to feel human again.

I need you…

Posted: August 18, 2011 in beloved, deep notions, loved ones, Romance

What we want is what we get
We just dont know what to do after that
Longing is different from what wants are.

Asking someone to change is strange
For you wouldnt be there if you dint like in the first place
Choice we always have but we still want more.

Please please me
Never wanting to be in back seat
Controll freak is what we have become.

Sorry but its about me
No you idiot others can have human errors
Perfect neither are you neither is any living being.

I pull this rleationship
It could also be true all can be just nice
Mirror is what we need for one has to see

I need to be heard
Sorry others have voices too
others also need to be loved you see


Posted: August 18, 2011 in beloved, deep notions

When two lost souls meet its an encounter of heavens

Forces so strong that minds entraps between spaces

Written have many but none ever could recreate


Days that spent together had visions of tulips in autumn

Dissimilar to this world every second eyes met each other

She was I and I was her


Refute if you have to

But don’t ask me to be without you


It’s a strange time

Ugly era we born in

Hold on time will end for us to unite

Like the night you fell back in my arms


Every memory has your strands

Unholy act god committed

If this world was not to be ours why did you let me dream

We thought it was ours  yet we had to depart


Days upon days I wonder

When shall the distances shrink?

Pain of this loss when shall it be healed

In rebirth if it’s guaranteed then take this breath away

I would give anything for that feeling to be recreated.


Every Breath You Take As Dreamz Would Like It

In My Mind’s Eye A Night To Remember

This mind plays it back frame by frame

Filling this dark knights life with star like eyes

Ask I so less lord just to be in that moment 

I dream again

I am…

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized, universe, warriror


I am what I am

Iam what I want to be

I am what I need to be

What I will not be

Is what you want from me

Like the tide

Will rise high

Will not stop even if you feed your ideas to me

I am what I am

Definition you can try to write

My will would destroy the stereotype

Like the wind

Will blow it

Will not stop even if you block my paths

I am what I am

Creator of my fate

Maker of my path

Standing tall in front of you all

I am my own karma

Your curses defended

Your tricks mangled

Try you may again and again

Your wicked wishes and methods will meet their end

I am what I am

Definitions destroy me

Maker of my fate

Defender of my paths created

Help me win this and we shall be friends in this life and next.