Random beginin with an end

Posted: July 28, 2011 in beloved, deep notions, helpless, insane, Romance

Space bound no I am here on ground
Poems or slams read em as you want them
Big badda boom badda bang
I am here to stay for ur hearts given me the reason to land

Time is just a scale
Moments with u I have seen had light year scrams
No I wont deny myself what I felt
For the reason I write Is just You

How many lines or verses am I to create
Dont u know by now
What I am trying to say

Come on girl u know where I come from
Dont deny urself happiness
Short lived it maybe but atleast u will have me
Back track I can’t
Time is not a tense but moments filled with happiness

Journey is about making distances
Destination unknown for I am space bound
Cause I looked in those eyes
Two fine and worlds redefined
Hold me tight its gona be highflyin night

Wish we could be like this forever
Maybe I was late
Punish me now and have no regret
Let the rest be a smooth ride

Defination has no meaning
Untill u fill me up in ur eyes
Now that I have seen I cant be walkin back
Each step is like a mile long
Longer I go nearest I wish to be
Dont u see we are meant to be.

Random as it began random shall be the end.

  1. Lots of good lines in this. My favorite: “Punish me now and have no regret” Awesome!

  2. Jingle says:

    Poems or slams read em as you want them..

    this line tickles, cool poem, thanks for sharing.
    Happy Rally.


  3. hope all is well.

    join us today.

  4. Always love your unique style. Your voice entertains and your lines are often priceless.

    My entry this week – http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/one-hell-of-a-ride-2/

  5. Morning says:

    impressive, keep it up.


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