Archive for July 28, 2011

Space bound no I am here on ground
Poems or slams read em as you want them
Big badda boom badda bang
I am here to stay for ur hearts given me the reason to land

Time is just a scale
Moments with u I have seen had light year scrams
No I wont deny myself what I felt
For the reason I write Is just You

How many lines or verses am I to create
Dont u know by now
What I am trying to say

Come on girl u know where I come from
Dont deny urself happiness
Short lived it maybe but atleast u will have me
Back track I can’t
Time is not a tense but moments filled with happiness

Journey is about making distances
Destination unknown for I am space bound
Cause I looked in those eyes
Two fine and worlds redefined
Hold me tight its gona be highflyin night

Wish we could be like this forever
Maybe I was late
Punish me now and have no regret
Let the rest be a smooth ride

Defination has no meaning
Untill u fill me up in ur eyes
Now that I have seen I cant be walkin back
Each step is like a mile long
Longer I go nearest I wish to be
Dont u see we are meant to be.

Random as it began random shall be the end.