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Beats this heart to the tune of your name

Calls it so loud day upon day

Memories and dreams are filled with this pain


Sweet and sour emotions my lips sing

Written I have so many times

Time is dedicated to express these feelings to you

Beats this heart to the tune of your name


I have written and sung even screamed out loud

Thoughts and dreams have been created

Visit me in my dreams someday you would know

This heart is imprinted by your smile

This heart sings every word you ever said

Beats this heart to the tune of your name

Visit me in my dreams someday you would know


Will go Cruzzin

Posted: June 22, 2011 in warriror

written for :

Iam waiting

Waintin to go sailin

Big waves and high seas roarin

Cut em like smooth knife on tamarind


Like a poets rhyming

Beautiful babes singin


So nice to be so nice to be dreamin


Let ya al know

Someday my time is comin

And beware wind is on me tailend

27 knots is what I will be cruzzin


Cast a light

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Shadows have a defined cast

Some build the future

Others raise the past


How far you travel

How high you get

How hidden you could be

Shadows are the ones that decide


Longer they get with year that passes

Truth has ways to get by

River starts from a droplet

Life starts with a past and shadow it casts


Nothing you have seen

Anything you have done

Thoughts that you erased

Moments that you regret

Everything has a cast and they become our shadows

That’s why I now have a fear of the dark

The dark of my past the beast within me and the saint which breathes

please read this listening to Cas Haley singing Walking on the moon


It’s the end of the night and sometimes beginning of a day

Saying  goodbye breaks my heart to pieces everytime you wave

I have walked miles to reach places but this walk back from your house

Is like a climb up to the loneliness of my life


Everytime we say goodbye makes me weaker

Stronger I am when with you

Feet make all the sound asking me run back

But I know one day I will have you till my lifes end

Dream of that makes me walk back from your house


Walking back, iam walking back from your house

How much pain

Sleep is bad too now for its filled dreams of times with you

Walking back I don’t want to do


Just a flight of stairs and I reach the end of world

I don’t want to go away

I wana stay but I have to go so I can come back

But I don’t wana be walking back from our house…..



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Everytime I look at you a storms is about to brew

Emotions have to be chained down

A smile a pat on the shoulder

Makes my little world go round

Mistfull is my mind when you touch my hand

Courage is no longer my virtue

Heartbeats like a whale

Words so proud of just fail

The calm before a storm I foresee as light through the trees

Every word from you is wind to fire

Quakes my heart with thunders

Yet I don’t know how to say “ your spell is cast on me “


Posted: June 6, 2011 in beloved, Romance

This word has a universal understanding

The tower of pizza to caves in Karla

Language might change but the expression remains strong


Change the font or color it different

Wonderful has shades but beautiful has only the moon

Stars are many but wolverine worships her alone


River has always a beginning

But her shape has no definitive ending

Each day she looks beautiful better then I remember


I grew a brain for her

For I wish to capture every moment she appears

If there’s a heaven please let me have her picture


Words and poems I create from her

Simple or fabulous she may dressup

I see only her and the beautiful her even in dreams or in midst of this cruel world