no wonders

Posted: March 7, 2011 in beloved, loved ones, Romance

Eyes are the windows to our souls

No wonders I fell deep inside for angels have heavenly connections

Strength comes with love and affection

No wonders I feel like a superman for the look in your eyes asserts my ambitions

Warmth of a person assures of their love

No wonders a fire rages in me to get you worldly pleasures cause you hold me tight

Love asks for love and nothing else matters

No wonders vanity has no meaning to me for that smile gives me all it’s my treasure my dreams

Moments with loved one lasts a lifetime

Every day with you is like a travel around this world and fairytale lands both combined

Sadness prevails in love

No wonders I look depressed when you are not around flashing your smile and no tinkling of the giggles

Love can never be defined

No wonders many times I write about you it gives my thoughts new words yet you remain undefined.


  1. stunning imagery, eyes are wise…
    well done, best wishes for the day.

  2. Jingle says:

    please share your poems with poetry potluck today,

    appreciate your lovely contributions.

    keep rocking..

    stay blessed.

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