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Love drug

Posted: March 31, 2011 in beloved, helpless, insane, thoughts, universe
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All drugs which give you a high are based on a simple chemical formula.
They are all designed to numb the pain receptors and automatically you go in a happy state of mind and slowly into a high.
Love drug is a little different it not only kills or numbs the pain but gives you that feel good factor it makes you feel nice and good about your ownself.
The research people say if you truly fall in love the chemical realised cause of it will leave its effect for a whole freaking 20 years. So my dear love fools you are doomed.
Imagine if we could harness this chemical and recreate it and use it for world peace.

Theres a odd thing tho not all truly have ever fallen in love or their pain or hate factors are so high in the brain they never truly fall in love or maybe its not true as in my earlier writeup I had mentioned even a terrorist could be in love truly madly deeply with a women or his high comes by the love for his false cause.

I have seen so many love marriages falling.apart even.after 10 years of togetherness, what hampers that chemicals balance or was it not love. On the other hand I habe seen arranged marriages converting into love stories on which one coukd write story and win a pollizer.

Then there are those one sided love fools who keep loving no matter how they are treated by the other person, yet they go on for years like slaves to that high.

By far love drug is the most effective.

I would cause I love

Posted: March 22, 2011 in beloved, loved ones, Romance
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If iam about to die would I think of you
I would rather say if I wana survive I will think of you
Cause I would cheat death to kiss you once more

If I have to forget would I leave only your memory
I would rather say I would forget the whole world for that one smile
Cause I would cheat death to see them rainbows be born on your lips

If I have to end would I end my life before yours take its flight
I would rather say I will finish every world I know to keep you safe
Cause I would cheat death to see myself be born in your eyes

If it is if I would do the could cause I would try all that is good to be worthy of your love
Rather be in a dead souls chamber then to know a world where you wouldnt love
For I grow stronger as a soul every moment you spend with me my love

my dear

Posted: March 10, 2011 in beloved, Romance
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You are my anchor
my banker
the worlds best baker
gorgeous homemaker
my dream builder
lovely fashion adviser
adorable drink mixer
focused career counselor
my pacemaker
sweet life creator
my sad times destroyer
smooth sailor
my life my heart keeper

no wonders

Posted: March 7, 2011 in beloved, loved ones, Romance

Eyes are the windows to our souls

No wonders I fell deep inside for angels have heavenly connections

Strength comes with love and affection

No wonders I feel like a superman for the look in your eyes asserts my ambitions

Warmth of a person assures of their love

No wonders a fire rages in me to get you worldly pleasures cause you hold me tight

Love asks for love and nothing else matters

No wonders vanity has no meaning to me for that smile gives me all it’s my treasure my dreams

Moments with loved one lasts a lifetime

Every day with you is like a travel around this world and fairytale lands both combined

Sadness prevails in love

No wonders I look depressed when you are not around flashing your smile and no tinkling of the giggles

Love can never be defined

No wonders many times I write about you it gives my thoughts new words yet you remain undefined.



Posted: March 5, 2011 in deep notions, random, universe
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Life has a spare tyre

Stephanically speaking always an option out of it

Choices are there which one to opt for is the question

Life has a spare tyre

Breakdown in unknown town and you will know its worthiness

Change or be like a drunk can of beer filled with emptiness

Life has a spare tyre

Use it when really need it for pace has least to do with grip

Slide and slip or skid but never burst out on a tilted twist

Life has a spare tyre

Remember its spare always when going fast on a tar trip

End is destined but it doesn’t mean u never attempt to use it.