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Theres something tweaking inside and on the back side like a worm born on a garbage dump.
It has no head no tail just the want to grow and get out of this deep dark side.
There are no air flows and no soft beds to rest on and yet it was born there like life in a mould on crump of bread hidde  behind the couch wall.

Finally I realised its a muscle in my brain which otherwise is used frequently by common men.
I know now it was what they use to think and ponder on things which bring ideas.
I dint need it before may be i dint understand why would one want to create new when everything already exists.
This muscle wont quit it keeps moving rapidly now making my head ache and forehead warm.
I think my head is going to burst for this muscle is flexing like the shoulder blades of an alpha lion on a prowl.
Just when I was about to cry out loud I took a pen and scribbled on the pad some words which were never understood by me before.
Words born of this muscle in my brain yet having sweet emotional shades which when read by others are termed as poetic rhymes with touches of love, anger, greed and many other moments through which life takes this fool on a ride.
This muscle in my brain now wont stop its growing stronger with repeatations in this cycle of life.

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