Archive for February 4, 2011

Wokeup to a late snooz
Rubbing my eyes saw the sun up in the sky it stood
Late again I said
Unclean bath awaits

30 years its been the same mom yelled from the kitchen gate
Tea warm in a cup and news paper to read
Armed with thoughts for a new day
Morning sir said the maid and made me move to clean the bed.

Ready to go breakfast set on the table
Looking at my pushmail as if reading a bible
Cursing at some and appraising a few for the past days work reviews
Turn the car shall I sir? voice at the front door, yes I nod to his request so gentle

Rolling down the window a puff of smoke I exhale
Thinking its gona be a better day
Mornings always make me start afresh like a eaglet in a nest
At every sunbreak I start trying to give this day my best