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I come on the fifth day

Often mistaken for the bolting god

No you stupid race I am a Norse Lord

A belt if I gird around me it doubles my strength

Single is enough but you fools get me in a rage of madness

Hammer your bones and split your skulls if you think of wickedness

Iron hands I wear for wicked men

Guiding my hammer precisely on wrongful mortals

All these powers I posses to erase evil from these heavenly lands.

Fear of me

Posted: February 27, 2011 in insane, warriror

I got only two sides, good and wrong.
Good has no issues but step on my wrong you will glimpse fire ragging eyes.

You will have dreams of me so crazy that nightmares will seem fairy tale deeds.
I will sink deep, in your concious I will breathe.

We have love, break a twig and i’ll burn worlds.
Wrong will have new past for my wrath will cast shadows blackening your mind and space.

They call me the fear of god, I have the power to call Me.
Words I write will earse your lines of fate for my love has grit hence you be straight.

Fear me for if I change my prayer you will have to suffer and bleed.
They have written about this before and to warn you I rewite the Fear Of Me

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Theres something tweaking inside and on the back side like a worm born on a garbage dump.
It has no head no tail just the want to grow and get out of this deep dark side.
There are no air flows and no soft beds to rest on and yet it was born there like life in a mould on crump of bread hidde  behind the couch wall.

Finally I realised its a muscle in my brain which otherwise is used frequently by common men.
I know now it was what they use to think and ponder on things which bring ideas.
I dint need it before may be i dint understand why would one want to create new when everything already exists.
This muscle wont quit it keeps moving rapidly now making my head ache and forehead warm.
I think my head is going to burst for this muscle is flexing like the shoulder blades of an alpha lion on a prowl.
Just when I was about to cry out loud I took a pen and scribbled on the pad some words which were never understood by me before.
Words born of this muscle in my brain yet having sweet emotional shades which when read by others are termed as poetic rhymes with touches of love, anger, greed and many other moments through which life takes this fool on a ride.
This muscle in my brain now wont stop its growing stronger with repeatations in this cycle of life.

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Emotions on a note

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Music has meaning for its not right when its musing
Common agenda has a tune in for everyone knows when to talk
Feel alone I do too when they talk about  common sight seeing



Same peaks and waves we have witnessed

Sadly I saw through the sun lit glass muriels
Viewrs you or I,  godly have been my percievings

Spliffingly gorgeous afternoons
Nights never having endings for mornings were never seen
Friends to hold life ransoms at what were they planing to rob with.

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Wokeup to a late snooz
Rubbing my eyes saw the sun up in the sky it stood
Late again I said
Unclean bath awaits

30 years its been the same mom yelled from the kitchen gate
Tea warm in a cup and news paper to read
Armed with thoughts for a new day
Morning sir said the maid and made me move to clean the bed.

Ready to go breakfast set on the table
Looking at my pushmail as if reading a bible
Cursing at some and appraising a few for the past days work reviews
Turn the car shall I sir? voice at the front door, yes I nod to his request so gentle

Rolling down the window a puff of smoke I exhale
Thinking its gona be a better day
Mornings always make me start afresh like a eaglet in a nest
At every sunbreak I start trying to give this day my best