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new light

Posted: January 22, 2011 in random, warriror

New paths to be made

I consider the end is done and the beginning is near

Start afresh make a mark unseen

Paths are laid choices have to be made


New life to breathe

I will make the world realize Me is here to be

Start a trend If needed make them bend

Paths will be carved into barks of life’s tree


New light to shine

I am what I am Fear will have no name

Start an end Bright flame to begin

Paths are glowing for I am Illuminati

time motions

Posted: January 22, 2011 in deep notions, helpless, random, thoughts
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i aint gona travel in time
i cant time the past
future is yet to be made
i cant even hold the unseen for present seems slipping


i wont pause the present
i like the time now its happy
past ready to forget and give new
i need to keep the past to make present worth living