born new

Posted: January 3, 2011 in deep notions, thoughts, universe

the tree at is tall feet almost having a star reach
yet not strong or young to hold a leaf
surge of strength from a leaflet
will to be born and grow into a trunk

green to a glow of gold at birth
small like a flake on this day it is awake
wanting to grow it lets the sun know
shines its edge like a sharp blade

desires and dreams it unbinds
its its day under the warm sun shine
blocked at times by the old but it acts bold
turns and bends to gain power from the rays

this time it wont let pass through
absorbing life’s every moment marking its groove
swaying to the wind moving towards the sun behold this young one
fresh in its mind ideas yet to brew this is pure as once was me and you

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  2. Jingle says:

    new life is here,
    lovely image…

    it is never too late, right on time…
    Happy Rally…
    Thanks for the supportive nature.
    your poetry rocks.

  3. aynsley7 says:

    Another work of art!
    You produce gems and paint beautiful pictures with your words that are a tiny bit abstract… very lovable

  4. ladynimue says:

    fresh in its mind ideas yet to brew this is pure as once was me and you ..

    wow 🙂
    well crafted poem !

  5. Marian says:

    aw. we used to be pure. very nice and unexpected end, there.

  6. Kavita says:

    I smell freshness in this poem… very invigorating to the senses…

  7. […] Wiserskydriver(2) […]

  8. onelovelexy says:

    I love the inspiration.

  9. chamz says:

    nice piece of inspirational words 🙂

  10. irenethebean says:

    it is the way you weave words to compliment the world as you see it that strikes me most.
    There is real skill here.

  11. Interesting poem! Very beautiful piece of work and has a refreshing feel to it.

  12. amazing message on inspiration…

  13. Jingle says:

    amazing writing…

    keep it up.


  14. fiveloaf says:

    nice and thank you for sharing.. here’s my potluck..

  15. mstevensson says:

    Its really beautiful to think of the potential of a tree the way you have here. Excellent write.

  16. A says:

    I really like this one.. love the references to the youth and promise of new beginnings, the possibilities and passion for that which we all crave.

  17. I love this concept, the idea of new life lovely

  18. Jingle says:

    tender version, beautiful poem,
    Thanks for linking.

  19. Beautiful prose about life and growth and trying to live in spiritual harmony with the universe. Lovely.

  20. A.B. Thomas says:

    A fantastic piece of prose, very enjoyable!

  21. mish says:

    New beginnings … full of possibilities … and potential yet to be realised … and this is how we all start out on this journey that we call LIFE … lovely concept !

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