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flows calmly in time of the chills
let the sun be clouded and it comes with frills
roaring makes the sound when water meets the gates

never ever it disturbs nor it perturbs
soothing always from far no matter the season
sun sparkles its way like shimmering gold in a tray

river has no definite beginning
like thoughts from a fools deep persuasive meanings
wise and spiritual meanings made from its path winding

runs straight never always twisting
compare life or your thoughts it will always give you an ending
but never a source like there was no beginning yet always an understanding

born new

Posted: January 3, 2011 in deep notions, thoughts, universe

the tree at is tall feet almost having a star reach
yet not strong or young to hold a leaf
surge of strength from a leaflet
will to be born and grow into a trunk

green to a glow of gold at birth
small like a flake on this day it is awake
wanting to grow it lets the sun know
shines its edge like a sharp blade

desires and dreams it unbinds
its its day under the warm sun shine
blocked at times by the old but it acts bold
turns and bends to gain power from the rays

this time it wont let pass through
absorbing life’s every moment marking its groove
swaying to the wind moving towards the sun behold this young one
fresh in its mind ideas yet to brew this is pure as once was me and you