Archive for December 2, 2010

Should not have to be like this everytime we meet

How would it be if it was not reflected in the ripples of sea

Beginning to let go not me for I did that in times of “when eyes meet”


Warm breezes from whispers formed of words of those rainbow shaped lips

Drama wish I could do to hold you more ..for more time in these arms untied

Feel like I have been here before for imagination I have deep and overpowering


Standing there watching you go bye like a poets sad rhymes

Make believe my in words for these aren’t wisdoms of a fool with extreme insights

Simple ways of telling you how much I love the way you stay longer and don’t want to stay goodbye


Lost in the moments when you hugged with a deep breath and almost sighed

Believe me I had to keep my eyes open to make sure this wasn’t a dream in broad daylight

You cushioned in my arms and hands hugged tight wish I could freeze time…….


Now I know how frustrating it is to not have control over time

Wish I could freeze these minutes and make them into days of a thousand years

Wishing control for time many have asked for there are moments we wish where time would freeze.