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Why do you tolerate me

Posted: December 21, 2010 in deep notions, helpless, insane, loved ones

Frankly I don’t know why I even hang out with you

Stupid as you seem I don’t know why I converse

Says she every time lines cross each others rhymes


I hope I could answer soon for I am running out of words too

Rhymes are farfetched now, if you think its sing along then keep that glass down

Reflections are musings of interpretations from your words

Should I go on more or you know what I am trying to say me amour


There’s no format here for words have taken their own flight

Seriously as I write these lines you might see what it’s meant to be

New York to Ireland or Mumbai to Palermo your choice and I will ride

Just say things the way you really want them to be


Do I have to make a poem to make realize

How deep or how unending is the format of this heart

Lashings tie a box not words formed of love notions strong

Is it wrong to know why do you tolerate me so much sweetheart



Déjà vu: APC Resurrecting the Civil Defense Forces thumbnail

Déjà vu

The E and the A in the spell of Déjà vu look like eyes with eye brows.

Everyone has at least once in his/her life felt a Déjà vu.

I believe they are not messages or anything serious at all. The subconscious mind of any person keeps preparing our mind for various situations of life in the background like :

When I will make my 1st million I will buy a sports car and this gets registered or

If I go out on a date with her I will take her to a particular restaurant or

When someone special to us would die I would be broken and lost.

These circumstances and the solution to behave in those moments is also created by our subconscious and stored somewhere on the back side to use in case of emergency.

Hence sometimes we feel this has already happened to me…. Or we dream a dream and when that really happens we think we saw the futures glimpse in our dreams.


The mind plays trick on our eyes

Dungeons of my thoughts spring back to life

I know I have seen this makes sense in such times


Life seems like a recorded tape

Wanting to know why we had seen this before

Was it a message for good or for bad times to perform?


A mark is left on the surface

Answers we looking for now to find past perfect the present

No it was just an idea stored nothing to do with what’s already seen.

Other side

Everyone has a different side then what we see into that person.

I have seen a cop as a loving father holding his little baby with so much care and love and next day morning see him slap a criminal with such ferocity that I almost pissed in me pants (cause I was seeing his daughter)

For that matter even Mr. Shashi Tharoor who always manages to open his mouth the wrong way did get married to a beautiful and smart women…he definitely must say the right words the right way to have her in love with him….

The world’s biggest terrorist could also be a loving husband and father or a good teacher…. Offcourse here his otherside is of no use for its not bettering him as a person…

I can be more than a uptight ass working 9 to 5, very few realize this inner quality or talent they have and those who do take that up and make a parallel life where they can be what they want to be.

Could you imagine Vijay Mallya doing a horseback ride when his son was a toddler…I am sure every father does that…. When faced with such love we tend to understand the otherside.

A realtor can write blogs, a economics student can blurt out poetry.

A sailor writes the most heartwarming letters a travelling salesman takes the most captivating pictures.

An accountant logics the basic facts of life to pure emotions resulting in a very happy marriage.

Social tools like facebook, orkut, myspace, wordpress help unleash the good/bad whatever is his/her otherside, earlier to people expose their sides like when in school the biggest bully was the best Christmas decoration winner and the most quiet and soft hearted person was a lead singer to a rock n roll band.

What good is the otherside to us when we cant do that for a living for we are forced to take more lucrative jobs to make that 6 digit income? It helps no one else but YOU in times when you need that escape its your sanctuary of freedom, your place of solace.

So enjoy the ride and don’t be afraid to bring out the otherside no matter what they say for if it makes YOU happy its good.

righteous love

Posted: December 15, 2010 in beloved, loved ones, Romance
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Change in me is righteous

The look in your eyes of admiration is brightest

Glitters my soul with love

Compassion and passion nurtured you have in me

Fountain sprinkling emotions

Taught me to rhyme words with amore and adore

Inspiration to me mature

Journey through your eyes with our hands holding tight

Time knows no goodbye

Flying carpet like has been this blossoming life ride

Righteous one you to me

Sin purged off me for forgiven I am cause you love me


Posted: December 7, 2010 in deep notions, helpless, insane, random, thoughts
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Puffing on and exhaling smoke
looking out the window on a dark hour
yellow glow on black streets and a cold breeze
no reason why face has a smile as if it heard a joke

no one walks this hour lonely few drive past
maybe sum1 else notices this yellow glow too
going to west is the moon and east ready for another rise
even the crows asleep like all humans and stars falling fast

alone almost in thoughts of those who are and were
perceptions so fascinating  the night seems to glow of memories
many such nights have been seen but this time its in pasts reflections
words cant point to one person its just pondering of worldly revolutions i bear

expressions have formed logistics too cause they really move
transporting emotions to drive the gray matter in past present mode
seriously even logic’s like these make sense now for brain process alone better
scary ride this time for i fear when it will all stop and would need help to give it a tow.

Should not have to be like this everytime we meet

How would it be if it was not reflected in the ripples of sea

Beginning to let go not me for I did that in times of “when eyes meet”


Warm breezes from whispers formed of words of those rainbow shaped lips

Drama wish I could do to hold you more ..for more time in these arms untied

Feel like I have been here before for imagination I have deep and overpowering


Standing there watching you go bye like a poets sad rhymes

Make believe my in words for these aren’t wisdoms of a fool with extreme insights

Simple ways of telling you how much I love the way you stay longer and don’t want to stay goodbye


Lost in the moments when you hugged with a deep breath and almost sighed

Believe me I had to keep my eyes open to make sure this wasn’t a dream in broad daylight

You cushioned in my arms and hands hugged tight wish I could freeze time…….


Now I know how frustrating it is to not have control over time

Wish I could freeze these minutes and make them into days of a thousand years

Wishing control for time many have asked for there are moments we wish where time would freeze.

If I could why could you not

Doubt the mind and heart follows

Mind seeks the storm and heart reveals the plot

Expose the doubt and why would you not


If I could why could they not

Answers aren’t created they exists like sun beams

Questions asked should be right to make wrong blot

Truth or false observer judges and why should they not


If I could why would me not

Knowing emotions have no bounds

Stopping passion not simple as tying a knot

If I knew this would happen block it why would I not