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He was lying down with his uniform half tucked in and loose shoe laces with one foot on  the last long row seats head rest and playing with his tie and starring at the roof of the bus.
there was no one else in the bus except for the driver at his seat and the bus conductor at the exit door. seemed like he was relaxing for he knew it was a long way home and no one to talk too.
what must be going through this kids mind at that time, was he remembering the fun he had in school or stuff he did in class or thinking over the home work he needs to complete before he can go play or just thinking how sad it is to be alone or may be just hoping the tuition teacher lets him off early so he could catchup on the cartoon channel.
one could never know what a kid could be thinking for theres nothing serious happening there in those Grey cells but still loads of things happening for him like : home work, tuition’s, sports, video games, cartoons, toys, girls, picnic, food etc… And these are the very things which make LIFE for us even after we grow up but just that we dont have the time any more to enjoy them for we busy making money to buy them… thats the biggest Irony of Life too busy to enjoy what we buy for pleasure.
i bought a new car stereo with the works but i am always busy on the handsfree to blast off and enjoy Ozzy scream on loud but every once in a while i do that but never satisfied.
The kid on the bus was doing nothing but enjoying even though all alone, i mean when i am alone i am either penning down my thoughts or updating my project work schedules or just thinking how i could get more floor space index created to make more money  😀

almost a month back i just set out on a 1800km drive with a buddy and a driver, all we did for 3 days straight is NOTHING most of the time we spent sitting behind and look out the window and since we were on far off highways the reception was poor hence almost no calls, stopping in between to eat and drink, that was just doing nothing Yet my mind was working, but this kid had nothing to think just enjoy each thought cause none of his actions had any immediate consequences…..

boy at a birthday

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It was my daughters 5th birthday celebration kiddie party and as an urban household we are more parents then kids. We had asked our maid to get her little boy too.
The maid arrived with her boy before all the guests arrived and my drama queen princess got along well with him. They were playing with the big princess tent/castle and the balloons i blew and they boy was good at blowing balloons too. I put on a few kiddy songs which he sang along too and then the parents with their kids came in one at a time.
The boy started getting a little over excited and as hes brought up in small spaces among other kids in slum areas he was stronger more confident and more brave then all of them so much so that a 12yr old nephew of mine was being pushed around by him and the boy was not more then 6. As all kids do they were running around and jumping, having balloon fights but our hero the boy was getting ferocious with his attacks and my sisters little baby started crying watching the kiddie violence being ballooned out. I had to step into explain the boy to calm down and if he dint stop fighting i would complain to his mother (our maid) he was not scared for he had a look on his face where it explained he must have seen more angrier people at him in the slums hes living in.
just as he was getting clam and the other kids were enjoying around with him too his father came to the door for he had to leave for his night shift and was there to pass the house keys to his wife our maid…. and the boy was neither excited nor sad but just plain simple witness to the transaction between his mom and father. he spends most of his time with this father as mom works the days at different households and father in the night.. his outlandish behavior was then justified for kids when grow more close to the father get more bolder and rather a little misbehaved then with their mothers. my daughter jumps on steps with me while carefully steps up with her mother.
the evening came to the cake cutting and our hero was anxious to see the cake as were all kids and get a bite of it soon, everyone sang the birthday song and my little princess gave a bite of the cake to everyone around and also licked the knife and i saw that through the camera hehehehe that was funny and scary trust me. the hero sat down besides the 2 boys and they kept passing remarks at him and he was getting into the fight mood again lucky i stepped in and controlled the other two boys and he remained well behaved.
i had a word with the maid and asked her not to beat him up always just talk sense first and then if very extremely needed spank him or something i was hoping he would be outside and not listen in on us. but apprently he had for the next day my maid told me he said to her ” mom i wont act funny and naughty and you dont need to beat me up i will behave hence forth just like that uncle said”
man i was stunned and so was everyone at home for he knew what was right and wrong and also understood why he would be beat up by his mom ………………… the hero is a nice boy i say and i completely back him up for he was provoked by the other kids at the party offcourse his reactions were strong but thats the only way he knew to react ….. kids arent that simple i guess….

things that i have said
they way u read them to be
how far have you come to see me
goodbye like this

said the words i cant
sorry i swear it meant
thats all right
i just hate the way you always say goodbye

i connect dont know where it goes
running back to the same park
knowing names saying things of the past
do you really think i would know how it really hurts

i have not been there
i swear i dint mean to be
friend i stood u made the move
i swear it takes mountains to move my bank

promise i did
so i showed restrain
wish i had not seen you like a girl
for i like the way you look into my eyes

i can be
the way i wana be
look from your eyes holds deep
crash of the shores sounds good only when you hold my hands

ankle touches the shin
i know you saying you havent forgiven me
cold every beat that i feel
warm i will try and make this feel

trust me will you
come back next time
i will be holding a candle to the wind
it wont be an accident it will be planed to detail
and i will adhere 😀 and i promise to remember all the names…..


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Four Angular Pastel Spirals : abstract cubism,  geometric, hard line, symmetrical spiral pattern, abstract pastel painting pas132, 2003 | Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum

two are said to be true
three is a crowd when with you
four is said to define or just be blind
5th will be added for those who dint understand

you me
there comes he/she
together we will be

muse musings
good bad ugly
join will you too
nowhere goes the flow

four has its power
cause it shadows the the third and blocks the five
two + two has magic for me and for you
dont ponder much this is the end for i ain’t making five


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Peak side

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climbed a mountain stood tall on the peak
flipped a coin to the rocks said my prayers
seeked blessings from this great natures form
to have a safe return

the path is long to the top and mostly harsh
cold breeze and sometimes burn in suns heat
savor all this in me head for when on the peak
it makes all this worth the while and look really small
like the houses i now see

smog down there clean fog uphere
like the basement times filled with a grassy smell
high we stood then like me alone now looking to the sky
peak to peak goes my view unrestricted like my life has been
walks all man kind some just by the banks while some try the hill side
we are rare ones we talk to the paths less defined and make our own unwritten sides

slow now i come down for its been long
holding tight to my thoughts in the cold breeze up peak side
loneliness is a sickness don’t you see now how i always need the hike
some just need a descend time to time

peak side is not easy to get for its just you me and my other self
reflections of the past flash now and then when you slip a foot or lose a grip
its not as bad as it rhymes its just something you do to get to the other side
then fun ascends on your minds peak side

all have to climb some just a hill some need mountains
walk at your pace or run to the peak tops its just you and your self whose to realize
me and my peak side have made a pact cause i have already scaled it and we don’t trouble no more
get going its your turn to know your peak side.

tricky treat

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FOR :-




words three new

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three words new
said it loud
how are you

fate found you
two worlds met
love me knew

tall dark man
smile big bright
unearthed heart inside

saw something you
fell down hill
crazy together two

fast went life
you slept through
love needn’t bribe

singing aloud rhymes
words with simile’s
lost those beliefs

one becomes two
you know too
same ain’t you

changed i too
love for you
good me new

same way please
love now you
forgive me too

last three words
never to say
dont push away

three words new
said it loud
goodbye to you