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let me in baby :D

Posted: October 29, 2010 in beloved, Romance
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part two of don’t let me baby 😀


holding my self downstairs
wait is not forever
i ringed and knocked already
baby i am home
sorry thats the only way i can be seen
glad i am still your hero
holding my self at the gate looking at the door

when you open the door fragrances galore
garden of Eden easily be deprived
in the beginning there were two forever just me and you
see how easy it is to stray upon looking at you, i am still standing at the door

hold me and hug me close for i hate not being with you
partner or lover or soul mate… words are different but beauty is the same
here i go again thinking of those eyes but baby iam still at the door

dreams come every night sweet most of the time
when you dont hold my hand i fall deep into the dark side
blades in my hand or revenge i crave but baby quickly open the door i am still standing below

longer this wait more words i create
help me god for i dont wana start to sing
this voice so harsh will ripple my lovers dream
lucky iam for you think its funny of sorts cause i try to rhyme
but baby look below i am still standing at the door

she comes racing to the gate with a irate face
do you know what time it is may be 4 in the morning?
giggle like a Slurpee ..a child munching honey and oat meal
open wide smile i give hoping to clam my beautiful wife
thank god it works every time or the sofa would have to make for bed tonight