Archive for October 26, 2010

blink of an eye you miss the moment and you miss it cause you cant wait
wait for each is controlled by fate, fate of others they make you hurry or not wait
you cant wait for you have a meeting to go to, you cant wait for there’s an interview to go to
you cant wait for a movie to catch, you cant wait for you have a date to meet

fate of your wait is controlled by others and the moments you miss are not created
your fate is controlled by your client, your fate is controlled by your employer
your fate is controlled by your friends, your fate is controlled by the one you love

love is the result of your fate, for you hadn’t rushed to the date she wouldn’t be able to twist your fate
fate in return gives you love, love doesn’t go away with fate your actions control love
your love is controlled by your words, your love is controlled by your thoughts
your love is free but you pay the price for loosing it and love is controlled by you

your love controls fate and fate gives you the wait
you control your love, love more and more fate to give you more time to wait
you love good and you get it all

love is free and comes to you when you lest expect it
you need to know love, you need to see love
you need to believe in love, you need to love to be loved

you need someone to love who loves you who needs you
need gives love, giving more reduces your wants
when you want nothing love gives, your greed destroys love

you again control all, wrong wants strikes off love
your greed your possessiveness your vanity
mirror shows true single form of you, love shows you the best of you
to love is to be divided in two…. again its you who controls the outcome
wait of fate to meet the love will erase the wrongs done
keep the true form of emotions you Just need to be You