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read this with eminem song ” love the way you lie ” playing.



i am no super man with wings on my back
trust me close your eyes and hold on tight
i promise to take you high

drug like trip i take in those eyes
wonder why
hold on tight together we will fly
see the colors the psychedelics closer
purple haze with brush of reds and pink dash
choose your palate
this canvas is our creation think big for it touches the sky

free feel forever like a dragonfly
glow green groovier dont be shy
believe you have to for i never lie

hold my hand let me take you high
wonderful creations we will make as magical as your voice
singing creation perfectly made by your creator
imagination so wild guess we dint know our own strengths
lets go set this world on fire
just dont stand there you have to try

let them think we are insane
dont snap at them they dont know
what they dont have
create and make as we sing this together
lets go take away the pain
paint a picture so bright let them all see from their windowpane

we will fly away like birds
feathers with colors and singing songs
its gona be alright trust me just hold on tight
it wont hurt and its no game you have to help me to make this real
i cant tell you how it will be i can only make you feel
i promise to take you high hold on tight