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A good friend invited us to a dinner. Wife and daughter nicely dressed and waiting for me to come pick em up. Took a quick shower and of we went, listening to new songs and me singing aloud making me daughter close her ears and she said “ daddy let him sing please” alright so I cant sing to compensate for me frog like voice I got her a double choco chip muffin to eat and me cup of ice black coffee. Sipping singing smiling we reached a junction. My daughter loves the signal lights and immediately she started with her poetry Red means stop and green says go and yellow says slow down…… and as soon as we finished the poetry the light went green and a man was crossing the road at his free will ( this happens in Mumbai very often) so I honked at him and with some divine powers he got angry and said something which obviously I couldn’t hear for the windows were up and with me devil mind I honked louder and made a hand gesture for him to buzzoff which ticked him off and he banged his hand on me rear view mirror which looks like elephant ears on me family van and it shut back hard causing me daughter a scare and she went into her moms arms clearly frightened. I use to be a amateur boxer in me teen days and I confess I do have a temper but only against such people and so living upto me screwy heads temper I parked the car and instructed the wifey to not get down no matter what happens and got down in a single stride and ran towards the guy full of rage.

I am 6ft tall and athletic built and I have hands whose palm feels like a polishing paper as I came close to this guy who stood only maybe 5’ 4” he knew that I am gona either punch him or slap in across his face ( I had not decided what to do ) and he suddenly swung a white plastic bag with his left and it took me by surprise and hit me on the right side of me face and it felt like a ½ kilo stone hitting me and then I saw his stainless steel tiffin box burst out of the bag along with some files for some good 5seconds I lost me senses and my past skills came to work for we use to practice being punched by spinning around our own self and then stop when we would get dizzy and run criss cross between concrete pillars in the schools basement… and I hit him back with a right and a left and then a kick in his left ribs which sent him backwards falling on the asphalt road. This guy was full of surprises cause as I kicked him I felt daggers stick into me neck on the left and his even shorter wife was hanging on to me neck with her nails dug in and stinging really bad, as I am a gentleman I did not hit her just tried to hold her hand get it off me bleeding neck and he gets up and come right back at me and I slapped him and kicked him sending him back to the floor and to me relief people stopped and ended the fight.

I am so bright that I was doing all this right out side a traffic police station 😀 and we had cops there immediately and hence we had to go the traffic station. Smart that I am I took one of the constables aside and threw a few names around to make sure that the cops don’t make a big deal of this. In the midst of all this I realized me wifey and daughter and I ran back to the car finding me wife almost in tears and daughter crying more scared than what she was of that guy banging on the door. I felt so fucking sorry and guilty and stupid and dumb and bad person. I gave her a tight hug and made her to stop crying.

I was calling the whole thing quits but the she devil wanted to continue to the argument and go to a proper police station and drag me there too. She stood at me car door and was abusing with words which even a road side goon would think twice about and it scared me daughter further and I was about to loose me temper again thankfully the constable I gave references to stood there and made her give way and I decided to leave. As we rolled on the wheels I could still hear her scream abuses and one thing she said “ you rich so you think you can do anything” I thought to me self it was his fault to cross the road when it said stop for him and he banged his fists on to me car scaring me daughter and wife and I being rich as per her standards was wrong to get down and fight him…. I know its wrong to hit anyone and that too on the eve of Gandhi ji’s birthday L but I am a humanbeing too I loose me temper too how was it my fault I couldn’t understand….. as these thoughts played in me head along with how I should have avoided that tiffin camouflaged in plastic with me right arm and then should have given him a left hook 😛 my wife pointed out the blood red neck line cause of the she devils nails and then I realized me right little finger was the size of an lady finger and the plam was like a freshly puffed bread and it ached bad driving the mini van…. Wife immediately said promise me you will never get into any fights again and I tried to stir around that promise by saying never again with the daughter, but shes smarter then me that’s why I married her J she insisted to promise never again means never again alone or with anyone … and I complied immediately for I knew the living room A.c. aint working properly and sleeping there tonight would be horrible…. As I promised looked at me daughter who had a crooked face looking at the deep scratches on me neck and I said promise I would never ever get into a fight again….. cause her eyes were looking at me as if I was a stranger …. Daughter has never even seen me really pissed off face and this was bit too much for her to comprehend and wife was sad for I dint apply me head before getting down.

I realized that I should never do such a thing and never ever will I do such a thing for in the fight I was not alone hurt but so was my wife and daughter in a way which is not easily healed for they saw a face on me which was only full of anger and rage which use to be useful once in a ring and the whole 12 minutes ( amateurs have max4 rounds) it would prove as a weapon more powerful then me surprise left hook….. Sad I am for I did a foolish thing for definitely it was not worth venting out at that guy and having the two precious people in my life scared of the incident and me.

I am truly sorry

Road rage is definitely not worth it and I am a sample of it.

As we reached the friends house I was the topic of discussion for the first 30 minutes and then we started looking at the incidence in a comical way and I said to me wife that guys she devil of a wife defended her husband where were you J you should have come to take care of that women so I would have got a free hand with that guy 😉 and she made a disgusted and disgruntled face at me and I dropped the comedy there and then. Later after a few beers and breezers later me wife replied to this by saying if our daughter was not there I would have given her a few slaps myself too but I dint cause she was with us and you should have realized that or atleast heard me saying that to you… so comedy was killed and with a swollen right hand and burning left neck side I ended the night learning never to again fight on a road or common places and never with me wife and kid with me. 😀 and never fight a man whose got his wife with sharp nails with him.