troubles with god

Posted: September 28, 2010 in beloved, loved ones, Romance, warriror
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yo holy one above there
you made the distance you made be apart

strange you behave when i travel from so far
open mind … spirit all that i could be

yo holy one above you there
aren’t you watching looking down below

mad must be i to make believe
gates opened and closed so fast i couldn’t even see ahead

yo holy one above don’t you hear
stood at the gates with heavy breath

made to look like a stranger
but it is i who doesn’t understand your making and behavior

yo holy one can’t you speak
tell them all i not a loser

i saw and heard… therefore i believed
the soft whispers of happiness to his welcome

yo holy one can you not really see
could you not picture me there on the door step

knocked the frame ….pushed the door open
hoping for a familiar smile but meeting a skeptical eye

yo holy one some call you god
Am I not praying right,  Am I not singing your hymns right

what use are your powers holy one
when you cant make the godforsaken meet
then your powers are useless to me,
don’t ever ask me again to come pray at your gates
wont be wise to have a fool like me rain my anger on thee.

  1. Jingle says:

    great play of holy god and more..

  2. Good riff on holy war. Interesting take on the subject.


  3. manish says:

    mate please

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