what pushes life….

Posted: August 25, 2010 in thoughts

After gym was smoking up in my window looking down on the road saw a couple walking,  very cute girl and her husband I guess, the girl was obviously in a hurry to reach office and guy was relaxed … he had loads of white hair for his age and was very thin while she was chubby… he looked as if he got out a long ailment.
The girl had a typical happy face but there were streaks of frustration, grief and tiredness on her face, she must have been really beautiful looking once and must have taken good care of her appearance once …which she dint do so now I guess…. They paused near my car and she placed her plastic bag on the bonnet to close the lid of her Tiffin box properly and they kept talking to each other while her eye was on the Bus coming from the other direction…….
Made me think what pushes life ….. most of us are going through pain of all sorts like ill family member, poverty, Dick of an boss or missing promotions every FY ending or breakups from the loved one but we manage to go on live our lives as if its our duty to stay alive continue this chain of physical form and hope for salvation in this life or next or is it just that we have strong hearts which move on…. Beggar children on the signal are the finest examples they laugh and have fun even the hot sun or pouring rain having no worries of their future, have noticed the municipal sweeper who brushes our streets everyday they see the most dirties things in life yet they would smile at you if he’s a regular on your street and say “ Kai se ho Saheb” he does that without remorse that I am one of the people making his job dirtier or difficult everyday…..
Life pushes them all ….. how why what… it pushes everyone…….


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