To loose is to belong to find is to give up

Posted: August 19, 2010 in random, thoughts

We always keep looking for more from our loved ones and most of us crib that our parents, partners, kids, BF’s, GF’s etc… don’t give us the love we need or the emotional balance between each other is not right … this is all cause we keep wanting more and more and expect a lot from all of the people who are a part of our lives and make ours and their lives painful and sad.

If we need this love from others we should Loose ourselves to them completely then we will belong to them blindly making the journey of life more in peace and love but never give up the ever search to Find new things in them and explore our loved ones beyond the visible part of our lives …spend time talking and exchanging thoughts or just a phone call in the middle of a working day and better still cook dinner before everyone gets home or buying parents a ticket to Nainital or something…. Sitting with kid playing horse back rides or making donkey noises….. just have fun when they don’t expect it you would be surprised too.


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