Gyan (preaching)

Posted: August 19, 2010 in thoughts

Rich people talk about charity.
Ppl who hv easy jobs talk abt quality time with loved ones.
Ppl with height n built say fashion is important.
Ppl with good looks say ppl are not racist.
Ppl with their loves talk abt the future.
The ones who are devoid of these positives think they all just give gyan and have not faced wht they are going through, this might be true partially for everyone goes thru sorrow and hardship some way or the other. The degree of pain may vary but its good enuf for that person like ” what’s worst Person who’s born blind or becomes blind later ” both are worst things to happen it all depends wht way u look at it but we still manage to find a better option in both these sad situations…… All gyan I could say to you when u make a choice of whts worst.
We humans are cursed for we have memories and imagination but it depends how u use this curse like tsunzu says ” behave strong when weak and weak when strong” when in trouble always remmb happiness follows after sad times. Gyan when comes in bad times is later quotes in good ones.

  1. fizzy says:

    i wish u wud call it gyan…but rather the “reality with a perseption” or “reality twisted” something?

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