coming back…

Posted: August 17, 2010 in loved ones, thoughts

sometimes people think they lose things…but really they dont…u can never forget how to ride a bicycle … u can never forget how to swim…same way u can never forget how u loved some one…u an never forget why u hated someone….u can never forget why u thought him/her to be intelligent…u may try to convince ur self otherwise… but u never succeedu step on to that stone and realize u been on this mountain before…u dive deep below only to find this bottom of the ocean has been touched before…u climb a hill only to realize that the town looked the same years ago…the lights below might change…or the streets may dawn a different color…the turns around a village square may be differently placed but what reminds u of the time againis the people standing at the corner.. with the same smile… may the years have gone by…may the things u have done… words u have spoken… they still standing there for u…cause they know… no matter what u said… what u have done… u still the same old schmuck…the same old moron who pissed his pants when he thought he saw a ghost or the one who was challenged…to jump a 6 foot wall and landed on a bee hive… but they 0ut there waiting for u… cause they know…after all this if u r coming back home then …… nothing else matters…or u need to be a wrestler who has a head stronger then his neck.


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