Khidkiyan sone na de re

Posted: August 16, 2010 in thoughts
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things you dream, thoughts you draw, lines we jump…. No matter what we do..when you lie down on ur bed…all that you have done just flashes before your eyes.
There are places you have been too and then places you wished you had never seen…..
Matters of certain kinds never done and some done with unfilled hearts…
All that we do nothing statisfies the brain which plays it back on that soft cozy bed… Like windows you dared to open and now they open so wide you cant closse em up…they keep banging their edges off the window sill ..khidkiyan sone na de re…
Raat bhar mujhe jagaye re…
How much i turn or no matter how much i control me thoughts…. They wont shut back to bolt the slots…
What i have already said wont change what i have done….what i will say wont change what you have already heard….
Juban pe hotho pe taakdeer ki lakhiro pe….
Karvataon ke badalne se….
Khidkiyan sone na de re


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