Posted: August 14, 2010 in thoughts

I am blessed for everyone loves to talk to me share their deep thoughts, tell me about their short falls or even their happy ones.
All that I have heard or said why can’t I make it applicable to my own chain of smoked filled thoughts.
I just can’t cry anymore or get stressed or feel low when iam with the outside world, deep alone in thoughts I sullk dry causing the ashes of my burnt thoughts to fill me up but its all dry.
I wana talk too I wana say things too for I swear I hurt a lot too, belive me I can cry too this smile is not always true its a coverup so the dews drops don’t moist the ashes inside for I fear being sucked into it like quicksand yet I wana talk too.
I may not give reasons or paint a detailed picture I just wana talk, just say things randomly not make sense mostly bable on yet I wana talk too.


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