silence in Words…

Posted: August 14, 2010 in thoughts


silence is inspiring it gives wayz to wayz which seemd blocked. The best place of silence for me is on top of me crap pot, u think and rethink in silence so that doesnt make it silent times for u r brain aint quiet its talking to u in silence. Only silence i achievd was on the 3rd day of vipasana offcourse i quit the program on the 4th day for not having thoughts disturbd me. So silence for us is not having a 3rd person talk to us so that we can gather words in silence e.g. What to say to that nasty person when he says that to me next time or in my tmmws presentation i shld add this line in the intro etc… We i.e. City ppl never really have heard silence for even when we go out of the city on a vacation we say ” khtni shanti hai” and keep thinking of the peace around we never go blank, even when we sleep we dream. I knw how it felt when i went blank at that program it sacred me at 1st then made me feel dumb for i had nothing to think Which also made me realise that self talking or our words in silence are like therapy it better’s us in ways to interact with situations. Silence in words has purpose make good of it 😉

  1. Fiola says:

    Silence is a source of great strength…..

  2. rashmee says:

    “Silence” nothing more to say

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