hollow on the inside

Posted: August 14, 2010 in thoughts

have you ever looked inside of an air filled balloon it looks empty it looks hollow…. on the outside it looks filled and one can never guess the weight of an air filled balloon, every time we pick it up we are surprised of its weight.

just like that we never have the idea of how alone we get on the inside, we fill our lives with temporary joys, toys and short time fun. in the long run when we look down deep inside we find a big hollow.

every once in a while we stop and look down memory lane and end up looking at a big hollow on self achievement, we sure do have a lot of joyful moments, we draw a blank on self improvement… we might have got that VP tag or the 80 footer but some how we feel hollow about our self.

thats when we broaden our horizons and look out beyond the hollow as if we discover the other side of a black hole and really start enjoying life… we find immense happiness in a short bicycle ride wearing an armani jacket or buying flowers at 2 in the night and ringing the door bell completely drunk yet sober enough to know shes angry, we smile at a complete stranger cause once you looked hollow like him/her too.

it would be great if everyone feels hollow sooner for then we shall know how to fill that up… just plain simple Love … love for life.

  1. Sherry says:

    Wow this is lovely 🙂

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