Posted: August 12, 2010 in thoughts

there can be a fantastic world if you can belive. There can be huge difference in u if u belive. Thats what they call attitude. So many ppl we meet but very few leave that mark or create an inspiration on u… The difference attitude. If one belives in oneself then only others will belive in u. Imagine that you are what u are and u can be. but it cant be a wild fantasy…. Belive that you are strong, handsome, beautiful, smart but never imagine to be the best there can be for thats being cocky…. Imagine you can do whats at hand imagine it to be a fairytale and alls gona end well Thats what they call positive attitude. Imagine and you can do it…. For imaginarium is just there in your head and so is failure and victory. But dont belive you can fly for u wld headbang on to the wall of life instead imagine to climb it and you will scale a new height.

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