Posted: August 11, 2010 in deep notions, universe
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we seek peace… but its there within us. even when your stuck in traffic with ur windows rolled up listening to ur fav songs all alone you can have that peace the solitude u need. problem is we dont look at things the way they should be looked upon… i recently started doing that.. when stuck in traffic which is often here in mumbai .. i lookup to the sky or the surroundings… its not clean arround mostly but then its easy to find that solitude in the confines of me own car in the middle of the road with millions arround me.. its me castle me place of solace… or even when in a party with that loud music arround and zillions of ppl in that small place crowding beyond a breath of fresh air… just stare at those lights above and its only u and that red/blue/green light as if its shining only on to u thts a moment of peace… why do we often fail to see or feel that peace or solace is superficial all u want to feel is special that someone out there in this world loves you, if u have that feeling rest all falls in place… iam loved, iam in somes thoughts always, iam cared for, iam whispered in somes mind if you have this peace solitude dissolved completely.. what u have here is love which brings the rest to become futile. but in order to feel loved u need to be in solitude to bring that inner mind ur subconscious into thinking mode and no great meditation or mantras or yoga is needed just converse with ur ownself….

  1. Hi,
    Its truly amazing how two or more people can think the same thing simultaneously. Your thought definitely resonates with mine. Its just your self talk or self introspection which helps you find peace even in the rush of an hour. Beautiful.. 🙂

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