Parachute ending….

Posted: August 11, 2010 in thoughts, universe
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very phase of life has a parachute ending…
it all starts in a crazy scary dive…
we sometimes open too soon and float around in that phase for longer then needed..
we open to late and the landing is hard…
very difficult to achieve a perfect landing sometimes we do sometimes we don’t…
but the best part is we get up and take the flight again with a hope to land better next time
we don’t ever give up and we enjoy the float every time…
its very important that we enjoy the flite and the float for every time we land we learn something out of it.
high winds, low winds or no winds the parachute floats and gravity is gona ensure we land every time…
there’s always gona be someone around to fly u up there… show u the clouds or the blaring sun and then
we have to jump….during the float we are on our own..only advices given and past experiences guide us to steer through the thin air and pulling the cords at that right time to have a perfect parachute ending.


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