Joyful Smile….

Posted: August 11, 2010 in loved ones, Romance
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There some people I saw discussing about the idea of how one feels when in love and more then 90 percent felt that the idea of love is foolish and totally not practicle its just good to read in books or see in movies. This got me thinking about those wonderful moments I have been through the careless times, foolishly gigling over petty dialogues or even stupidly staring at nothing.
We lead a life of stress and constantly fearing deciet, being thrown over by a younger colleague and the horrid travel back home, why do we go through all not just for money I say its always for we want something may be a flashy car, bigger house, trip to athens or a big diamond. What good all these things will be if you would be driving all alone or living in that big house with no one to share with, travel to the most beautiful place on earth and stand alone under that full moon or even buying that diamond but no one to putit on ur finger.
It all comes down to having a companion someone to share these moments with cause its these moments which makeup a sea of memories of happiness which last a life time with you for all of the rest looses its shine or fades away. The most amazing thing remains with you is that Joyful Smile of that companion on one of these occasions and these moments are called being in love.
As these moments are being created you feel careless maybe even stupid cause you did all that just for the Joyful smile of your loved one. No one can spend an entire lifetime without them and that precious joyful smile.

  1. Rashmee says:

    Very true indeed !!! even i believe da same…
    keep writting 🙂

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