I see you…

Posted: August 11, 2010 in random

Let me fly wild as the wind
Spend my time drifting mindless
All things just like me shoe sole takes me
To that one place where theres nothing
Not even thoughts about happiness
Sitting atop a tree alone looking
Down at the wonders created by thee
Hoping to find what I am meant to be
Thinking all this time I am to be special
Just after I have seen what u have made around me
I know I am like all these people living endlessly
They find joy and reasons to laugh everyday even tho
Bread is hard to get and rest is not cheap
I am to be a part of this journey to make people around me
Happy and make it happen with my magic for now I see

  1. Jingle says:

    joyful poem,
    love it!

  2. pollutedpoet says:

    heh…. I liked it.. great opening

  3. komal says:


  4. B says:

    nice nice!
    searching for like’s purpose.


    happy rally!


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