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they are funny thing they call em memories.
In good times the bad ones scare us.
In bad times the good ones bring pain.
Why do we have memories… Why rembr the past may it be good or bad.
Why have to think of moments we already have lived. Make them come back to life when we close our eyes.
Why cant our eyes stop drawing pictures of those times we enjoyed carefree or the ones when we said goodbye.
Why do we have to live in constant fear in happy times that bad ones are just around the corner.
What if the ones that have left us relive in our memories… So when we dead we still arent in peace.
Why do we have memories… Dont say so we learn from our mistakes for we are human error comes naturally to us.
Why do we have memories.
Is it cause we need some sadness in good times to them seem larger then life times…. Or when we sad they bring happiness to sooth our ailing hearts….
Why do we have memories…

I see you…

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Let me fly wild as the wind
Spend my time drifting mindless
All things just like me shoe sole takes me
To that one place where theres nothing
Not even thoughts about happiness
Sitting atop a tree alone looking
Down at the wonders created by thee
Hoping to find what I am meant to be
Thinking all this time I am to be special
Just after I have seen what u have made around me
I know I am like all these people living endlessly
They find joy and reasons to laugh everyday even tho
Bread is hard to get and rest is not cheap
I am to be a part of this journey to make people around me
Happy and make it happen with my magic for now I see

Pure at Heart…

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One rare find is a pure at heart. The one who laughs when you fail to make u smile, one who is the happiest when you get that win, the one who cries when u are sad, one who misses you even when surrounded by a crowd.
Most of us have one or two of them in our lives we call them best friends…

Parachute ending….

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very phase of life has a parachute ending…
it all starts in a crazy scary dive…
we sometimes open too soon and float around in that phase for longer then needed..
we open to late and the landing is hard…
very difficult to achieve a perfect landing sometimes we do sometimes we don’t…
but the best part is we get up and take the flight again with a hope to land better next time
we don’t ever give up and we enjoy the float every time…
its very important that we enjoy the flite and the float for every time we land we learn something out of it.
high winds, low winds or no winds the parachute floats and gravity is gona ensure we land every time…
there’s always gona be someone around to fly u up there… show u the clouds or the blaring sun and then
we have to jump….during the float we are on our own..only advices given and past experiences guide us to steer through the thin air and pulling the cords at that right time to have a perfect parachute ending.

False sense of Truth

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There are just different truths there is no False.

what we say to a kid about too much of chocolates is our side of the truth |

when a stranger comes close to you with a crooked face and you get a jitter with fear is his side of the truth cause he does nothing of what you had feared | when you ask god ” why me always” is your false sense of truth cause you think he exists |

life moves in a circle only and there are no tangents to it, what happens to you is predefined and to believe you can alter the future is your false sense of the truth |

one sided love in the imaginarium of your romance is false sense of the other persons truth |

hoping that you will attain peace of mind is the worlds false sense of truth…. cause till we humans exsist we will fight |

what he/she told you is her/his sense of truth cause you think its the false sense of truth |

no one will ever have a true sense of the false cause we believe in the false sense of the truth.

Joyful Smile….

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There some people I saw discussing about the idea of how one feels when in love and more then 90 percent felt that the idea of love is foolish and totally not practicle its just good to read in books or see in movies. This got me thinking about those wonderful moments I have been through the careless times, foolishly gigling over petty dialogues or even stupidly staring at nothing.
We lead a life of stress and constantly fearing deciet, being thrown over by a younger colleague and the horrid travel back home, why do we go through all not just for money I say its always for we want something may be a flashy car, bigger house, trip to athens or a big diamond. What good all these things will be if you would be driving all alone or living in that big house with no one to share with, travel to the most beautiful place on earth and stand alone under that full moon or even buying that diamond but no one to putit on ur finger.
It all comes down to having a companion someone to share these moments with cause its these moments which makeup a sea of memories of happiness which last a life time with you for all of the rest looses its shine or fades away. The most amazing thing remains with you is that Joyful Smile of that companion on one of these occasions and these moments are called being in love.
As these moments are being created you feel careless maybe even stupid cause you did all that just for the Joyful smile of your loved one. No one can spend an entire lifetime without them and that precious joyful smile.


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we seek peace… but its there within us. even when your stuck in traffic with ur windows rolled up listening to ur fav songs all alone you can have that peace the solitude u need. problem is we dont look at things the way they should be looked upon… i recently started doing that.. when stuck in traffic which is often here in mumbai .. i lookup to the sky or the surroundings… its not clean arround mostly but then its easy to find that solitude in the confines of me own car in the middle of the road with millions arround me.. its me castle me place of solace… or even when in a party with that loud music arround and zillions of ppl in that small place crowding beyond a breath of fresh air… just stare at those lights above and its only u and that red/blue/green light as if its shining only on to u thts a moment of peace… why do we often fail to see or feel that peace or solace is superficial all u want to feel is special that someone out there in this world loves you, if u have that feeling rest all falls in place… iam loved, iam in somes thoughts always, iam cared for, iam whispered in somes mind if you have this peace solitude dissolved completely.. what u have here is love which brings the rest to become futile. but in order to feel loved u need to be in solitude to bring that inner mind ur subconscious into thinking mode and no great meditation or mantras or yoga is needed just converse with ur ownself….

Hello world!

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